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Export multiple piCal

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Ejona  Private 1st Class   Posts: 20
I currently got 7 separate Xoops running and like to export all events to one dedicated Server where each of the 7 Xoops will be handled as an category (CID).Has someone made an Import/Export script yet or can give me an hint how to move events from one pical to another pical?
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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2008/1/25 22:06
Ejona  Private 1st Class   Posts: 20
Sloved with an selfmade script which is triggered by an cronjob. Removes the events from my main database, collects the events from the other databases and insert's them into my main one.

Only tricky thing is the handling across multible Databases and to respect the categories field while building the querys and arrays.

An general sync function between other pical's or an batch importer would be an real nice addition for future versions.

Thanks for this awesome modul which im using now for more than 3 years!
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