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some bug ?

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Subject xhnewbb 1.31beta
Summary 1.31beta (2006/11/04)- modified Cube 2.1 compatibility- fixed small typo in cutpasteposts.php (thx plusangel)- fixed sitemap plugin (thx Foxy)1.30 (2006/10/06)- released as a stable version- modified templates from 1.30beta09 (thx jidaikobo)1.30beta (2...

none some bug ?

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maketub  Private   Posts: 1
I have some error in the xhnewbb 1.31,

when I post new topic, I preview the new article,err is abiogenetic


my article is
" test1
test3 '


test<br />test2<br />test3<br /><br />


another error is introduction,
as example is happeded.


please help me,

my xoops is 2.2.4 big5 , xhnewbb 1.31,
web is
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none Re: some bug ?

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
Though I cannot understand what you mean,
it looks just an error caused some other reasons.
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