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Re: the xhnewbb project has started

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Subject the xhnewbb project has started
Summary In xoops hackers 2, xhnewbb project has just started.This project intends to improve newbb radically, and is developped by a team including Ryuji, Sakaik,and GIJOE.This site has already used xhnewbb, and reflects the result of the project.Wait with an ...
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Predator  Private   Posts: 1
Does it makes sense to start also an Project for the newBB, then this will be also done by the official dev site?

There the newbb will be at the moment expanded so to have two teams on the same Projects is worthing power, maybe it is better to share our force?

Greetz Predator
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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi Predator.

I don't know the project you said is official or unofficial.

Since the purpose of project xhnewbb is rewriting newbb radically (including structures of tables), it will be incompatible to the official newbb.

Though I've never give up xhnewbb, I'll feed back the result to your project if you give me the right for committing.

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