PEAK XOOPS - Centering {CALENDAR_BODY} in englishin japanese


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UKONN  Private   Posts: 1
PLS give me a hand......
I'd like {CALENDAR_BODY} of the file 'daily.tmpl.html' center in the any width of frame.
I don't like it's located on the left side....
I tried <CENTER> tag or style vain.
In What file and which part and how sould I modify?
thanks a lot in advance.
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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2006/7/26 18:12
PinMaster  Lance Corporal From: Marseille (France)  Posts: 40
Fast modification to center:
-> open daily.tmpl.html
-> after '<pattemplate:tmpl name="WholeBoard">', add :
<div align='center'>
-> front '</pattemplate:tmpl>', add :

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