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Subject A Theme with templatize CSS
Summary There are too many constant values has duplicated meanings in CSS.Colors, widths ... this cause headache for programmers.Then, I've made a theme with templatized CSS. theme named "newbase0"...

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gigamaster  Sergeant From: Geneva, Switzerland  Posts: 94
This just send me back to my old phpnuke and postnuke themes. By that time, a C+ programmer friend, show me how to replace the interface french graphics by english according to O.S. or user language choice.

Omachi kudasai, Gijoe-sama.
Motto yukkuri hanashite-kure-masuka?
Motto yasashii kotoba de itte-kure-masuka?
Watashi no nihongo wa wakarimasen-ka?
Nihongo wa watashi ni muzukashii desu.

I'm not sure ...Donna imi desu-ka?
Eigo-de itte-kudasai.

At last, i don't fear to read somewhere that gigamaster is kure-kun, because i fight for honor alike the last samourai and i share what i get. So should i say that I'm really interested by "theme editor"

"Egao ga areba jibun ga kaeru
tanin ga kaeru unmei ga kaeru"

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