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About the standardization of the KIHON2 logic

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Subject KIHON2 as a sample theme can layout center parts
Summary A sample theme based on matchan's theme "KIHON1".You can controll the order of center parts-CenterLeftBlocks-CenterCenterBlocks-CenterRightBlocks-ContentsBodyAll you have to do is setting their weights.See the GIF displayed below.This fe...

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happy About the standardization of the KIHON2 logic

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bc_taka  Private   Posts: 3
Thank you for answering in spite of a busy schedule.
It is very generous of you and I am really grateful
I want to begin to distribute it on my site in a few days.

#I am in great hopes that xugj_assign.php is big power for us to expand the possibility of XOOPS themes
#When I was able to achieve cool use in the theme, I would really like to adopt it.

Thank you.
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