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question Re: autologin on 2.2.3 - no nothing. . .

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gibaphp  Lance Corporal From: Brasil - S  Posts: 22
toddherrold wrote:
thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean by that, but i will check out tpladmin module. I know how to edit templates and followed the instructions exactly. If I have to know something more, please put it in the instructions : )

Yes, your instruction is perfect

Update: I was trying to implement this on template "blogstyle" with no success, but I recently changed my template to xmbluext and it works great, first try. I also had to delete my xoops_tpl dbases and rebuild all of my default templates, as they would not update normally give several upgrades of Xoops versions to 2.2.3.

I guess that's what you meant by the comment : )

Thanks, it works great!

Is correct too

New version XmBlueXt1 in XoopsTotal.
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