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mike  Private   Posts: 2
hi to all,
first of all myalbum is an great component.

Anyhow i wanted to ask in the prefferences of my album is:

Displayed Photos per Page Input selectable numbers separated with '|'
eg) 10|20|50|100

And you can put 10,20,50,100,etc.

How to put an new function :
Displayed Categories per Page Input ?

More exactly if i have 1000 galeries,to display in main index,and in any of the subcategories just 10 galleries in first page,then another 10,so to be 100 pages with 10 categories,instead of 1 with 1000 galeries,because that will cause load problems to users.
Or maybe there is an hack or something,that can do that,or is an feature.
I have myalbum version : 2.88.
Thanks very much.
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