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Poster : GIJOE on 2006-07-17 06:43:58 (8809 reads)

in englishin japanese
I've just replaced the main news module of this site from news 1.1 to bulletin 2.0 made by suin.

bulletin 2.0 looks excellent code and has sufficient features.
And don't forget that bulletin 2.0 is the first Duplicatable V3 module with rich features.

I'm appreciated with your bug report of this site

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Poster : GIJOE on 2006-05-07 05:57:38 (8857 reads)

in englishin japanese
I've just participated XC Developers Ring.
Current Ring:
minahito -> Tom_G3X -> Ryuji -> nobunobu -> (GIJOE) ->minahito
minahito -> (GIJOE) -> minahito

If you want to crawl japanese ring, click japanese flag once

Poster : GIJOE on 2006-03-22 06:23:35 (11266 reads)

This application has already ended.
"Customizing XOOPS" -a XOOPS book written by matchan and me- get good selling result. (already 6th print)
And I have surplus the books by my side.

Thus I'd like to return my experiences and give the book to foreign Xoopsers.
Though the book is written in Japanese, source codes are written in PHP

If you want to get my book, contact me by e-mail or PM.
The deadline is 1st April

If I get requests more than five, I'll choose them with the priority.

1. well-known developper (like: mithrandir, marcan, phppp etc.)
2. active in peak xoops
3. active in (judged by post numbers in

Of course, I'll pay the postage.

I'm waiting many request from you!

Poster : GIJOE on 2005-12-26 06:47:28 (9663 reads)

in englishin japanese
A hack will be named "The FastestCacheHack" is being tested in this site.
If you find some odd behaviors, tell me please.


Poster : GIJOE on 2005-12-04 16:18:00 (9520 reads)

There is a possibility that I've broken some language files in my modules when eliminating CR on Nov.

These two languages are not broken.

- english
- japanese

But some characters like umlaut possible broken such conversion.
And I can't judge whether such language files are broken or not.

If you find broken language files, tell me please.

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