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Poster : GIJOE on 2003-11-13 17:52:23 (11388 reads)

Extensible Waiting Block Module has just been internationalized.

This module offers you an extensible waiting contents block into your XOOPS.

The original XOOPS block of "Waiting Contents" works only for official modules,
and is no longer extensible.
It is nonsense to have to do Hack for yourself when you use 3rd party modules.

By installing this module and adding proper plug-ins only,
you as webmaster can confirm any approval waitings of any modules at one view.

The original version is made by Ryuji (
This archive is a hacked version by GIJOE.

If you can read Japanese, let's visit Ryuji's site.

Of course, this module is friendly to piCal!

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Poster : carloslmz on 2003-11-07 14:05:10 (13235 reads)

Finally I have finished translating to the Spanish the files of the piCal module, an excellent calendar and organizer for xoops, You you can download HERE the files, to obtain support in Spanish visit Xoops Mexico, the community of users of xoops in Mexico on

Direct Download

Poster : GIJOE on 2003-11-05 18:27:57 (12599 reads)

piCal is an independent calendar class of php.
Also this is a powerful calendar module for xoops2.

Althogh this is the most major module in Japan,
it worked under Japanese only.
Now, you can use piCal in English or Germany.
Try it!


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Poster : GIJOE on 2003-10-29 17:35:40 (13193 reads)

The new piCal has been tested about 2 weeks.
I will release 0.50 non-beta version soon.
This version has many new features.

0.50 from 0.42

- First international version
- Private mode added (myself or group)
- You can select the day of week starting from 2 (Monday & Sunday)
- Anniversary event flag
- Correct some HTML tags
- Many bug fixed


Poster : GIJOE on 2003-10-20 22:19:18 (13263 reads)

I've just released "Xoops Language Checker".

Place 3 files included the archive into the same directory like /usr/local/bin.
Althogh 3 file is executable, you should run xoops_lang_check.php only.

I believe this tool must be useful for module developpers and translators.

For a module developper who maintains "mod_a" in mainly Spanish :
$ xoops_lang_check.php module/mod_a spanish english
This command shows you which constant definitions of english are insufficient.

$ xoops_lang_check.php --patch module/mod_a spanish
This command append constant definitions into apropriate files for all languages automatically.

For a translator who maintain "mod_a" from english to French :
$ xoops_lang_check.php --patch module/mod_a english french
After this command, you can easily found and edit the constants added new.

This tool is written in PHP CLI. Even if you don't have PHP CLI, converting to another type of PHP is easy, I think.


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