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XOOPS : xoops_breadcrumbs - the unified breadcrumbs list for XOOPS
Poster : GIJOE on 2007-03-01 04:21:58 (26529 reads)

in englishin japanese
breadcrumbs list should be displayed by theme.html instead of each modules's templates.

Now, I suggest 'xoops_breadcrumbs' as a template variable of $xoopsTpl.

All modules should assign 'xoops_breadcrumbs' like ...

[0] => array( 'name' => '(module name)' , 'url' => '(URL for module top)' ) ,
[1] => array( 'name' => '(category name)' , 'url' => '(URL for list in a category)' ) ,
[2] => array( 'name' => '(subcategory name)' , 'url' => '(URL for list in a subcategory)' ) ,
[3] => array( 'name' => '(the article name)' )

If all modules assigns like this, you can write in theme.html like this.

<div id="theme_breadcrumbs">
	<a href="<{$xoops_url}>/">TOP</a>
	<{foreach from=$xoops_breadcrumbs item="item"}>
		<{if $item.url}>
			<a href="<{$item.url}>"><{$}></a>

You can understand this is the true "breadcrumbs list".

I've implemented xoops_breadcrumbs into pico and bulletin2.
But there are a lot of un-impelented modules in the world.

Though I know the fact, here is a magic named xugj_assign.php

(To be continued...)

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Comments list

GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/16 5:24
perhaps yes.

But it does not look so meaningful, because breadcrumbs should be placed in theme.html with its design.

breadcrumbs must be a part of theme instead of logic/core.
gigamaster  Posted on 2007/3/16 4:49 | Last modified
Hi Gijoe,

Could this be done through the Xoops Cube 'preload' mechanism?

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