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Submitted Date:  2005/3/16
A well-designed framework for minahito's modules.

Before you use minahito's work, put exFrame in modules/


It is not necessary to install this module.
Just put there.

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tl  Posted on 2005/3/17 11:54
Thanks GIJOE. Looking forward to the international versions of all the modules listed.
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/3/17 10:47 | Last modified
hi tl.

This is just a framework.
All you have to do is put there.

After this, you can install a lot of minahito's modules.

... and so on.

Almost modules are only for japanese.
Thus I'm making the international versions.

In future, another modules using exFrame can be released from developpers but minahito.
tl  Posted on 2005/3/17 6:20 | Last modified
Please forgive my ignorance. What does this module do? I think it is a development platform (?). Now I have installed it and I have no clue how to use it. A little intro on how to use would be great.
GIJOE  Posted on 2005/3/17 5:28
hi karedokx.

I'm sorry that I've forgotten uploading them
You can download now.

Thank you!
karedokx  Posted on 2005/3/17 1:01 | Last modified
gijoe - fyi, i can't get the file downloaded: file not found. [same thing with the comment module]
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