PEAK XOOPS - MyWorks in englishin japanese

Project Category Brief Develop Stable
piCal Module Calendar/Scheduler - 0.93
myAlbum-P Module Image Management - 2.88
TinyD Module Contents Management (ended) - 2.30
pico Module Static content module (D3) 1.79 1.82d
xhld Module Headline Reader (ended) - 3.08
d3pipes Module Synthetic syndications - 0.68b
altsys Module Alternative system module (blocksadmin,tplsadmin) - 0.71a
waiting Module Extensible Waiting Block - 0.95c
xhnewbb Module fixed version of newbb1 (ended) - 1.31beta
d3forum Module real innovative forum module - 0.85
avaman Module Manager of avatars and smilies - 0.21
wraps Module Wrapping entirely 1.22a 1.12
dbtheme Module Theme system with DB template - 0.50
commentAny Module Comment Form Anywhere 0.14 original
plzXoo Module Q&A system with point 1.03alt original
sitemap Module Automated Sitemap - 1.31
bulletin Module bulletin2 hacked version (D3) - 2.22
Tell A Friend Module Useful Formmail - 1.05
Protector Module Protect from Malicious attacks 3.50 beta 3.41
minihaku Module customizing users account - 1.08
mymenu Etc Kit for module developpers - 1.00
Language Checker Etc for localizers/translators - 2.20
EMLH Hack Cacheable Multi-Language - 1.31
FCH Hack Fastest Cache per each pages 0.26
Auto Login Hack   for 2.0.10/11/12/13.x   for 2.0.17   for 2.0.14/15JP   for 2.0.16aJP   for 2.2.x
Japanese Language files   Japaneseutf for XC Legacy 2.1   for 2.0.17 (   for 2.2.x
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