d3forum alpha release

Date 2006-10-13 18:44:11 | Category: XOOPS

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I'm proud to release "d3forum" as D3 module.

How to install (almost same as wraps):
- define XOOPS_TRUST_PATH in xoops_version.php
- copy html/ of the archive into XOOPS_ROOT_PATH
- copy xoops_trust_path/ of the archive into XOOPS_TRUST_PATH

Characteristic Specs:
- Fully scratched codes irrelevant to newbb or phpbb.
- Clear hierarchy category, forum, topic, and post.
- Tree structured category.
- Detailed permissioning per a category or a forum. (users and groups)
- Preferences override system per a category or a forum.
- Guest post
- Detailed and exact controlls about textsanitizer
- Topic attribute - invisible, lock, sticky, solved, marked, and read.
- Post attribute - invisible, and hide_uid
- Approval for posts
- Import from newbb1 or xhnewbb
- etc.

You can read more news at PEAK XOOPS.

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