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XOOPS : Adminmenu hack without core hacks
Poster : GIJOE on 2007-03-19 04:20:09 (6834 reads)

in englishin japanese
I know, you know "adminmenu in XOOPS 2.0.x is hard to use".
There are four problems I can see.

(1) hard to catch popup (especially modules placed bottom)
(2) only <img> without meaningful "alt"
(3) a lot of unreachable items if JavaScript is disabled
(4) no information which module is active

Thus, I've modified altsys to solve the problems.
Install/Update the latest altsys and change the value of "Rewrite admin menu".
Since this is not a hack, you have to click once more to reflect the effect.

There are three types of hacks.
Especially, I love "Like XoopsCube Legacy 2.1". (see the picture)
This solves all of problems, and you will access each items without stressess

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GIJOE  Posted on 2007/3/23 3:54 | Last modified
This feature can be a spark to transfer from 2.0.x to Cube Legacy 2.1

A user of 2.0.x tries this "Cube Legacy 2.1 type" adminmenu once, he/she knows how hard to use the adminmenu of 2.0.x is.
gigamaster  Posted on 2007/3/21 8:14
This is nice, really nice and i see two things that are alike XOOPS Cube 2.1 :

1. Visual : Ergonomic improvement user-friendly
2. Code : hack without core hacks alike 'Preload'

This is a great gift to Xoops users who didn't experiment Xoops Cube.

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