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Submitted Date:  2007/4/18
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==== pico - the module for static contents ===

pico is a module for static contents based on Duplicatable V3 (D3).

Though functionally pico looks a successor to TinyD, pico is made as full-scratched module.

TinyD became a deprecated module because pico has been marked as stable.
Of course, you can upgrade your contents from TinyD to pico easily.


- hierarchical category
- breadcrumbs
- page navigation
- XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/wraps/(dirname) files manual page-wrapping
- XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/wraps/(dirname) files automatic page-wrapping/transfer
- static URI (same as wraps)
- overridable options at each categories
- body filter system (smarty, wiki, php etc.)
- better preview
- contents cache
- tell a friend link (tellafriend module supported natively)
- printer friendly view
- singlecontent view
- html header customize per module/categories
- html header customize per contents
- search (with context)
- counts views
- list block (duplicatable)
- menu block (duplicatable)
- contents block (duplicatable)
- contents controller for admin
- dynamic submenu
- native d3forum comment-integration
- Wysiwyg Editor (common/spaw and common/fckeditor)
- import from TinyD per a module
- import from pico per a module
- import from pico per a content
- plugin for sitemap module
- vote
- automated menu page
- approval system for creating contents
- approval system for modifying contents
- event notification for waiting approval
- plugin for waiting module
- RSS (both entire module and each categories)
- auto-registering wrapped files into DB
- xoops_breadcrumbs
- static URI by mod_rewrite (both wraps mode and normal mode)
- refer histories of contents


(1) copy html/modules/pico into your modules/

(2) name the directory name as you like.

(3) copy two files under html/class/smarty/plugins/ in the archive into your class/smarty/plugins/

(4) make a new folder out of DocumentRoot eg) /home/yourhome/xoops_trust_path/

(5) insert a line into just after defining XOOPS_URL in mainfile.php. (Edit '/ho


(6) make a directory 'modules' under the directory. (XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/)

(Since the steps of (4)(5)(6) are the same as altsys or D3 modules, you need not to do the steps if you've already done it.)

(7) copy xoops_trust_path/modules/pico into XOOPS_TRUST_PATH/modules/

(8) install it in XOOPS modulesadmin

(9) set group permissions of the TOP category in admin area

You did it.
you can add categories or contents as you like.

You'd better install altsys and d3forum also.
(pico supports comment system integrated with d3forum only)


You have to turn "module cache" off about this module.
pico is fast enough if you use content's cache.


1.20 (2007/04/18)
- numbered as stable version

1.18 beta (2007/03/29)
- fixed bugs for invisible content
- modified only moderators can enable HTML headers
- modified moderators can change created/modified time
- modified blocks for xugj_block plugin
- fixed modified time is updated unexpectedly 1.18a (thx starck)

1.17 beta (2007/03/23)
- fixed category's permissions is not affected in search
- added a configuration using concept of "poster" in search
- updated mymenu
- changed some text field into mediumtext 1.17a
- minor fixes 1.17a

1.16 beta (2007/03/20)
- added history diff
- modified viewer of histories
- fixed the checker for duplicated vpaths 1.16a
- separated two features viewer and downloader of histories 1.16a

1.15 beta (2007/03/16)
- fixed a typo in header('Expires'...) (thx rock)
- fixed css template does not work (thx mizukami) 1.15a
- fixed calculation of time offsets of RSS (thx Yoshii) 1.15b

1.14 beta (2007/03/13)
- modified CSS of this module's template into a template
- added two configs about the feature of history
- modified module_icon.php cacheable for web browser
- modified images etc. transferred by php in wraps cacheable for web browser
- added referring feature to deleted contents (in contents manager for admin)
- fixed a typo in contents controller for admin 1.14a (thx t_yamo)

1.13 beta (2007/03/10) update the module
- added history
- added a config for sitemap plugin (also display contents or not)
- added a config for submenu (also display contents or not)

1.12 beta (2007/03/09) overwrite public side also
- modified html/css radically (thx emomo)
- modified sitemap plugin
- added mod_rewrite mode for categories
- fixed notice in submenus (thx starck)

1.11 beta (2007/03/07)
- added mod_rewrite mode

1.10 beta (2007/03/06)
- added hierarchical submenu
- added a config of prohibited filters
- added a config of forced filters

0.99RC4->1.00 (2007/03/05)
- fixed xoops_breadcrumbs (thx starck)
- fixed form template to edit content

- added xoops_breadcrumbs
- added singlecontent
- fixed preview with wraps mode (thx toplan)
- fixed checking of permission of making subcategories (thx t_yamo)
- fixed a plugin for sitemap module (thx starck)

- fixed some minor bugs
- added language files
-- persian (thx voltan)
-- spanish (thx PepeMty) 0.98a
-- french (thx gigamaster) 0.98b

- modified the filter of xoopstpl radically
- fixed RSS encoding conversion
- fixed wrapping encoding conversion
- fixed mymenu's wrong link (thx umasan)

- upgraded the version as RC
- modified treating directory in wraps mode
- added sync tables
- fixed filter xoopstpl
- checked compatibility with XOOPS Cube 2.1 Legacy
- fixed some bugs (thx starck)
- fixed a looping bug (thx photositelinks&starck) 0.96a

0.90->0.95beta (update the module essentially)
- added RSS
- added auto-registering wrapped files into DB

0.40->0.90beta (update the module essentially)
- upgraded the version as BETA
- added static URI (same as wraps)
- added auto-page-wrap
- added manual-page-wrap
- fixed top page with wraps mode (thx Kaz) 0.90a

- added concept of waiting
- added a plugin for waiting
- added a notification for waiting

0.31->0.32 (update the module essentially)
- fixed the problem 30 character limits in config table (thx starck)
- modified index menu (thx emomo) 0.32a

- modified compatibility with MySQL5 (thx sakichi)

0.22->0.30 (update the module essentially)
- added vote
- added index menu
- added sitemap plugin
- added export to the other pico per contents
- fixed top contents cannot be accessed (thx starck and emomo) 0.30a

- fixed menu block (thx kuon)
- added list block
- fixed importing from TinyD
- modified invisible contents
- fixed templates for list block (thx choromo) 0.22a

- fixed page navigation (thx PhotoSiteLinks)

0.10->0.20 (update the module essentially)
- rebuilt permission system
- added a permission of "full read"
- added submenu for "main menu"
- added WYSIWYG Editors (common/spaw and common/fckeditor)
- added a feature of importing from TinyD
- added a feature of importing from the other pico
- modified top category's permission (0.20a)

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Comments list

OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/2/22 5:05
Because it is quite easy to implement "making-pdf".
Yes, but I'm not a programmer. Otherwise I wouldn't ask you but implement just the function.
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/2/22 4:31 | Last modified

OneOfTen wrotes:
For those who don't want their visitors to use the pdf-function you could just insert an option into the admin-panel for disabeling the function!?
Though I believe the feature making pdf is not so useful, it might be a good bluff.
Because it is quite easy to implement "making-pdf".
OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/2/21 7:01 | Last modified
Yeah: Users are asking for it and there are users existing who don't know how to translate xhtml into pdf or don't want to or even don't know what xhtml is (yes, those users really exist).

For those who don't want their visitors to use the pdf-function you could just insert an option into the admin-panel for disabeling the function!?

Was just an idea...
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/2/21 3:30 | Last modified

OneOfTen wrotes:
What about a makepdf-function for pico?
Any merits?
making pdf just wastes server's resource.

XHTML is far usable format than PDF.
And you can translate XHTML to PDF in local easily,
while it is not easy to translate PDF to XHTML.
Wardick  Posted on 2007/2/20 21:57

OneOfTen wrotes:
What about a makepdf-function for pico?

That would be very useful
OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/2/20 21:43
What about a makepdf-function for pico?
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/2/13 4:03
I'd likt to translate the manual into English if I have a lot of vacant time
OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/2/12 1:07
Yes, I thought that there might allready exist something. I didn't expect anything else from you. Unfortunately I don't understand any japanese
GIJOE  Posted on 2007/2/10 3:26
I've written detailed manual for pico in pukiWiki in xugj.
But it's just Japanese.

If someone translates the manual into English...
OneOfTen  Posted on 2007/2/9 5:53 | Last modified
That sounds good. Have you planned a short documentation about your mods? I also don't know how to use the options in the d3form for making a new subcategory and what the hell are these breadcrumps?
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