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Problems with Protector and Webcam 1.15

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wishcraft555  二等兵 From: Sydney, Australia  Posts: 10
I have a problem with webcams 1.15 which is completely working for a none local area. The network doesn't work on a local copy, but it allows for Webcam chat rooms and is GNU.

It is a module which was written for iStreaming networks and is part of their regular distribution.

I have to set some cookie settings at the loading of the module but for some reason when protector is loaded it loops endlessly and page faults on a memory limit setting.

Download Webcams 1.15:,107,-1.html

I just thought i would bring this to your attention the problem is with the pre.check.php file it seems no matter how high you set your memory cause webcams loads /include/common.php a little bit after loading mainfile.php as it has to set some cookies before it load protector will sit in an endless loop and bloat the memory until the memory limit is reached. This is with protector 3.4 and later.


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