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How to get rid of the coments features?

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - Children.1 | Posted on 2004/8/16 10:42
mcmikemc  Private   Posts: 2

I am what you would call an uber n00b when it comes to Xoops. I am very good with HTML and I am an advance programer.

I have decided that I wanted a challenge and started to jump itno the world of Xoops. I am currenlt making my first Xoops site and I want to get rid of all of the community features like coments, login ect.....

TinyD will be used for every page on the site and I would like to get rid of the two text fields and the two buttons that are at the end of every page I make with TinyD. I also want to get rid of printer and envolope icon.

Basicly I am writing the HTML code and the pasting it into each TinyD module. This is all I need for right now.

3-6 months down the road I will be starting a news letter and then I will enact the different comunity features but for now the need to go.

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - Children.1 | Posted on 2004/8/17 4:56
mcmikemc  Private   Posts: 2
Well I figured out how to do what I wanted to do ( with the help of jlm69 from the Xoops site ).

I edited the tinycontent_idex.html file in the templates directory of the TinyD directory.

It is now:


<div style="padding: 5px; text-align: right; margin-right:3px;">

<{if $is_display_pagenav }>
<hr align="left" width="100%">
<table width="100%" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
<td width="33%" align="left" valign="top">
<{if $prev_link }>
<a href="<{$mod_url}>/<{$prev_link}>" accesskey="P"><{$lang_prevpage}></a>
<br />
<td width="34%" align="center" valign="top">
<a href="<{$mod_url}>/" accesskey="H"><{$lang_topofcontents}></a>
<td width="33%" align="right" valign="top">
<{if $next_link }>
<a href="<{$mod_url}>/<{$next_link}>" accesskey="N"><{$lang_nextpage}></a>
<br />

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2004/8/20 17:50
GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi mcmikemc.
At first, I appologize that my answer is too late.

Perhaps, all you have to do is turn "comment function" off in preferences of TinyD.

And If you want to edit templates, you'd better edit cloned templates set via "template manager".

It's a manner of XOOPS.
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