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Can not use image in the SPAW editor

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - Children.1 | Posted on 2004/7/27 4:27
xfl  Private   Posts: 1
I have been trying to use SPAW editor for the tinycontent, but I can not use the image part. I can not find any image, I have tried to put the image in /content and /images, but nothing shown up.

How to upload the picture? What is the format?

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Previous post - Next post | Parent - No child | Posted on 2004/7/27 10:02
GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
Use ImageManager in XOOPS core.
You have to upload pictures via Image Manager before you edit contents with SPAW.

Of course, I don't think it is well designed.
I have to modify image management of SPAW radically.
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