PEAK XOOPS - Offer to help with English in englishin japanese

Offer to help with English

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gniknalu  Private   Posts: 5
Ha! It is EASY to tell English isn't the native language for those working on piCal. If you need help or are open to suggestions, let me know. There are MANY menu items that are. . . . bablefish translations and just are incorrect.

So I'm willing to help. You just have to accept my offer.

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi Gnik.

Thank you for your offering.
Of course, I know that Engilsh of piCal is incorrect.
That's because the english language files was made by a Japanse that can speak English little.
(It's me)

If you offer more excellent English files, I'll adopt it with pleasure.

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