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pmhoran  Corporal From: Prince Edward Island, Canada , Canada  Posts: 52
Hi ...

I am installing Pico, Protector and probably a couple other modules today .. if I can make sure I am going to do it right ;)

My web space ... I have one base or root dir. /home/xxx/

But ... I am going to have 5 or 6 different Xoops installations ... each under different domain names.

Instructions say ... to create /home/xxx/xoops_trust_path

BUT ... do I create a trust path for EACH different installation of Xoops?? Or do they use the same one??

Like for should I create /home/xxx/123/xoops_trust_path and then have all the files & modules specific to that site there?

And then I would have /home/xxx/ABC/xoops_trust_path

Each installation is very different from the others. I have currently 10 TinyD modules installed on one site ... only 1 on another ... photo albums on some but not on others etc.

I know i am not explaining it well ... sorry. Just hope you can understand the question ;)

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