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Summary == XOOPS用 FCKeditor ==●利用法アーカイブを解凍し、XOOPS_ROOT_PATH直下においてください。XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/common/という形になります。すでに、なんらかのcommonファイルを入れていれば、commonフォルダがあるはずですし、なければ新しくcommonフォルダを作る形にな...

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kimoso  二等兵   Posts: 1
I am quite lost on the implementation of fckeditor. I am wondering if there was an earlier download which included other files because the file I downloaded has 1 folder called "fckxoops".

I followed the steps included in the docs but now how do I make it work as the system editor? Should there be a folder to be placed within /modules ?
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