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GIJOE  Ǥ   Posts: 4110
hi marcan.


marcan wrotes:
Since a few releases, XOOPS has included a resource.db.php file to overcome the issue you are talking about. And XOOPS 2.0.17 is no different. The package contains an extra folder where this file is located. Documentation about this file is located in the release notes of the package :
no differences?
I doubt my eyes.

marcan, don't you know how to use "diff"?

Unsupported templates access

It has come to our knowledge that some modules contain a hacked version of the XOOPS module installation routine and access the templates/blocks database tables directly, bypassing the regular templates declaration mechanisms. Because of this, some recent changes in the templates handling system made those modules unable to access their template data.
If you use one of these modules, you may fix this problem by replacing the resource.db.php file located in the class/smarty/xoops_plugins/ folder by the one provided in the package extras folder. Please note however that such bypassing of standard interfaces through the inclusion of hacked core parts is not supported and that those modules won't work with future versions.

What a stupid article!

Do you know the meaning of 'db'?
If you want to use file template, use 'file' instead.

"standard interfaces"?
Who defines the "standard" of X2?

D3 modules accesses templates by standard way of XOOPS 2.0.x

Don't forgery "standard" of X2!

And editing XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/modules/*/templates/*.html is insecure.
Because these files are under DocumentRoot.
I know there are many templates robbers.

Also, you should know:

Though I don't agree with such template system of 2.0.14/15/16/17,
my patch never denies your changes.
Just adding the last branch. (read it!)

How many times I write it ...sigh


I have to declare "I don't support anymore", now.

I cannot go with crowd.
I go with minahito.
He is the real hero.
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