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Subject D3 Pipes 0.1 released
Summary I've just released a module named "D3 Pipes" like *!Pipes Of course, I cannot make such interfaces.Just the feature looks like it.As it is difficult for beginners to use this module, I'll write usages of D3 Pipes.And, my developping xhld is ended now.

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi gigamaster.

Thank you for the comment.


how we could create a XC social network.
Joint named "Union" makes it easy

Many users don't know about D3 possibilities of
interoperability, how easy it is to call an ajax
library with one Pico page, and another one with a
second page. Related content and comments, etc.
I don't know the relationship between pico and ajax library.
It sounds interesting enough.
I'll check it later.

Each time i visit your site i'm impressed and
it's an amazing experience to play with these modules.
It's just my fun

I just release useful modules for XOOPS cores as much as I can support.
I'm not interested in the storm in a glass
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