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none My hack for myalbum -> rewrite name files

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slyss79  Sergeant   Posts: 143
the problem was:

myalbum is a great module but it rename your file like this:

- 343.jpg
- 344.jpg
- 345.jpg

this is not good for SEO and for search engine of (for eg.) google images...

i need an hack to make automatically my photos (for eg.):

old name file: 343.jpg ---> new name file: stefano-silvestrini-343.jpg
old name file: 344.jpg ---> new name file: stefano-silvestrini-344.jpg
old name file: 345.jpg ---> new name file: stefano-silvestrini-345.jpg

like this pictures will be find by google images anche your site is better find.

i have made an hack to make this automatically (with many controls). This hack change the name of files and update you database. This hack is not public for now, but if you think is a good idea i will can to write a tutorial.

thanks sly and sorry for my english
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