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Subject pico 1.20 stable
Summary ==== pico - the module for static contents ===pico is a module for static contents based on Duplicatable V3 (D3).Though functionally pico looks a successor to TinyD, pico is made as full-scratched module.TinyD became a deprecated module because pico ...

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OneOfTen  Corporal   Posts: 75
1. In xoops_version.php is written 0.96

2. After inserting an old hmtl-code into the editor (no matter whether fck, spaw or dhtml) the page is not shown properly. The module inserts unnecessary line-braks an blank lines. It seems to be a problem with tables but I'm not quite shure because I haven't tested it with other codes yet. If I importet the same code from TinyD without editing it, the page is viewed properly.
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