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Subject auto-login hacked files for XOOPS 2.2.x
Summary == AUTO-LOGIN V4 (REMEMBER ME) hacked files for XOOPS 2.2 ==This package is only for 2.2 released from Don't apply it to 2.0.10JP or higherSince this hack is fully scratched, you should know this is a beta version.---------------...

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I have been trying to get autologin working on my xoops 2.2.4 website ( I have noticed the following issues.

I have been working on Firefox ( for development. autologin_main.php is never called from autologin.php, because $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] is never empty, it is '/cgi-bin/php'. Once I put a check in for that, I was able to log in and get the cookies set, but now isset( $_COOKIE['autologin_uname'] ) always returns FALSE. I haven't figured out why yet, the cookie is clearly set. Any ideas? This code works fine on my IE browser.

Second, when on my IE browser for testing (V6), I tried to logout to make sure the cookies were cleared. The page went to a strage "user login" page with a big GO button. When I clicked on GO, it logged me in (welcome user) page, then went to the log out page (thank you for visiting.) Then it went to my homepage and everything was normal (logged out, no cookies). Why those extra pages in there?

Third, I was unable to register on your site using Firefox - the register results page is blank. Works fine on IE.

Thanks for the great modules,
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