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Subject Fastest Cache Hack (Experimental version)
Summary == THE FASTEST CACHE HACK for XOOPS ==SUMMARY:A hack for Page Caching of XOOPS.This hack is not for novices but for experts. USAGE:(1) copy fastestcache.php into your XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/include/(2) make a new folder out of DocumentRoot eg) /home/yourhome...

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irmtfan  Sergeant   Posts: 96
i think its a problem in multilanguage hack ( any multi language hack i think) because Google index pages with url but there is same url for 2 languages ( English and Persian)
so google recognize this in persian and ads are not correct:
but this is correct:

now i want to found a way to force google to index site in english. i post a new topic about it in forum
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