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Subject Comment Anywhere 0.14
Summary どこでも XOOPS コメント GIJOE Hacked版はじめに 「コメントの投函」フォームをメインコンテンツ下部にねじこむモジュールです。 なおフォームは通常の textarea なので bb code を使用したい場合は「DHtmlTextArea 表示用 smarty プラグイン」などを使って、テンプレ...

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GIJOE  先任軍曹   Posts: 4110
would be great if this modul would care about the other modules comments settings
because at the moment you only can set the permission for the block and what group can access this "block" but when you have disabled comments for anonymous users but have alllowed to show the block for anonymous users then the block will be shown
It sounds a bug fixed in 0.11 to 0.12.
Or does the other bug exist?

it would be also nice if you could make the module work without the exframe module - so it would be easier for all users to install the module.
Althogh it is a module in a series of exModules made by minaito, it is almost independent from exFrame, certainly.

But it is not so difficult to put exFrame in XOOPS_ROOT_PATH/module/
Don't install but just put.
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