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Subject xhld 2.99
Summary === xhld ===This is the most powerful and the latest headline module.xhld is an almost fully scratched module although it is based on XoopsHeadline in core of XOOPS2.If you are using xhld multiply and you want to update this module,all instances of xh...

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DMarvelus  Private   Posts: 5
As posted in the Forums:

In headlinerenderer.php

var $_tpl declared twice. erase one.

Also, please search for get_class in headline.php


In PHP5, get_class returns the correct case. In PHP4, it returns lowercase.

This fixes the error with putting it in the DB.

It would be nice if this was fixed in the code here.

On another note: Anyone have any idea why ampersands are dissapearing in the URLs? I think it has something to do with SaxParser. Please look here: georeader. When you click on the news link, the & in the URL has totally dissapeared.
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