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FutureSpy  Corporal From: 世界のどっかで  Posts: 70
Xwords is a fork from hsalazar's Wordbook. Since Wordbook detects the entry initial letter when adding it to DB, only normal letters from A-Z were supported. When trying to add words started with accented letters and foreigner characters (like Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, etc.) it used to give an error message. So, that's why aiba started Xwords.

I've tried this module long time ago, so I don't really know how it works now. (Its code is often being recycled) Before, it was using mbstring to detect the initial letter, which requires this special PHP extension for multi-byte characters to be installed on your server. If you're gonna use it only for normal characters, then go ahead and use it as-is. Otherwise, some hacks might be needed.

The good point in this module is its flexibility. You can control entries sorting through language files. For example, you can sort words into group-like divisions. Say vowels, so you define words started by A E I O U to be sorted into vowels group.

You can contact aiba posting at his BBS.

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