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v2.50beta01 uploading picture problem ...

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unhappy v2.50beta01 uploading picture problem ...

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DoiOkiBlu  Private   Posts: 1
i've been running into all sorts of problems with album-p ...even the old one . the both didn't work when i tried to upload a picture ... :(

So ...what's the problem doc? I don't know anything about php scripting ... so ... please help

Environment Check
PHP directive 'safe_mode' (both ok): on
PHP directive 'file_uploads' (need on): on
PHP directive 'register_globals' (both ok): off
PHP directive 'upload_max_filesize': 2M byte
PHP directive 'post_max_size': 8M byte
PHP directive 'open_basedir': /usr/local/www/data-dist/go/
PHP directive 'upload_tmp_dir': ok

Table Check
Photos table: xoops_myalbum_photos ok
Number of Photos: 0

Descriptions table: xoops_myalbum_text ok
Number of Descriptions: 0

Categories table: xoops_myalbum_cat ok
Number of Categories: 4

Votedata table: xoops_myalbum_votedata ok
Number of Votedata: 0

Comments table: xoops_xoopscomments ok
Number of Comments: 0

then in the new album-p ...
GD Version: bundled (2.0.15 compatible)
Check 'GD2' work correctly under your GD bundled with PHP

this one works ...

!help please! :)

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