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question Some changes for strict mode for PHP 5.3

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skenow  Private From: Minnesota  Posts: 9
Hi GiJoe -

What are your plans for applying strict PHP standards in your modules?

As you may know, ImpressCMS is being completely refactored and will follow stricter class declarations - abstract classes will be declared abstract, private members and methods will also be declared explicitly, along with other best practices.

There are a few things we've had to do to get Protector 3.50 to run in ImpressCMS with this new stricter code:
* In class ProtectorMySQLDatabase, your method signature for query() is by reference, which causes a fatal error because it is different than the abstract method it overrides.
* You have some static calls to methods that are not declared static (Protector::getInstance).

Making these changes will not affect any sites, unless they are running on PHP 4.
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