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Subject How to fight SPAMs by hands
Summary Some SPAMs were posted into this site."how can I get a newer version?" or "this is useful!"It looks not a SPAM just a grance.Judging by access.log, such posts must be made by not machine but human.sigh...Then, I'm trying a filter disabling posts from s...

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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi vaughan.

Thank you for the advice


i applaud your continued developments into this, & good luck in trying to reduce this further. though I feel you're fighting a losing battle in relation to human spammers as opposed to bots.

i don't think there's much anybody can do to prevent a human spammer except plenty of vigilance. i don't think disabling posts for 60 minutes will solve it unfortunately, though it's a sure inconvenience to them, it is also an inconvenience to those legitimate users who registered.

I know the new user will feel inconvenience.
But I guess:

*A visitor can wait my slow answer

She/he can wait 60 minutes for posting.
And the filter rejects just literals like URL
bbcodes [ url]

She/he can post without such URLs within 60 minutes.
And their purpose can be achived without URLs.

* human SPAMMERS

She/he cannot wait 60 minutes.
And their purpose can not be achived without URLs.

Anyway, I have to test the filter in a practice site.

You can see this site's name:


i guess thats 1 of the hardest things to weigh up in our fight against spam, spam protection vs user inconvenience, where do you draw the line? tough decisions.
I know it too.
Running the filter in this site is an important experiment for all CMS Users.
Including ImpressCMS, of course

Even with the filter, a SPAM was posted by hand.
However, the filter has blocked three SPAMs -the same kind of- at least in this week.

I estimate I have to continue the experiment some months.
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