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Re: 人海戦術なSPAMをどう対策するか

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Subject 人海戦術なSPAMをどう対策するか
Summary このサイトは原則的にユーザ登録しないと投稿できないようにしてあるのですが、最近は手作業でユーザ登録した上で、一見SPAMとは思えないような投稿をしてくるようです。(例えば、「新しいバージョンは無いか」とか「この投稿はとても役立つ」といった内容の横に、こっそ...

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vaughan  上等兵   Posts: 37
i applaud your continued developments into this, & good luck in trying to reduce this further. though I feel you're fighting a losing battle in relation to human spammers as opposed to bots.

i don't think there's much anybody can do to prevent a human spammer except plenty of vigilance. i don't think disabling posts for 60 minutes will solve it unfortunately, though it's a sure inconvenience to them, it is also an inconvenience to those legitimate users who registered.

i guess thats 1 of the hardest things to weigh up in our fight against spam, spam protection vs user inconvenience, where do you draw the line? tough decisions.
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