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GIJOE  Gunnery Sergeant   Posts: 4110
hi kakos.

Welcome to pico's world.


I tried pico and it is great. I saw the extra fields in the settings and I tried them out. I did the uncomment to the examples you set in the templates but after I completed them the result was unsuccessful
What is the meaning of "unsuccessful"?

Is not the template reflected?
If no, it is a problem of template system.
Do you edit the template via altsys?

I am interested in a help-doc
You can find long documents about pico's features in XUGJ (Japanese Site).

You can read them via google translations etc.

You can find some greek tranlations for Pico, tell a friend and sitemap here (when I turn from my hollydays I will finish also the translation of d3forum).
Thank you for your amazing work.
Thank you!

I'll add them into my archive.
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