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Subject altsys 0.71a
Summary == ALTSYS == alternative system module & librarySUMMARY:The unified module of blocksadmin, tplsadmin, etc around the system.I'm appreciated your bug reports I'll maintain this module instead of blocksadmin, tplsadmin, avaman etc.INSTALL:- set...

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none Re: altsys 0.71a not auto update .css templates

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tohokuaiki  Lance Corporal   Posts: 25
I recently use DB template system as usual.

And Altsys auto-update-system is very very useful, for developping module templates.

I find .css template file is not updated automatically.

xoops_trust_path/libs/altsys/include/ at Line 19.
! if( is_file( $file_path ) && (substr( $file , -5 ) == '.html'||substr( $file , -4 ) == '.css') ) {

It works!
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