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McDonald  Lance Corporal From:  Posts: 30
Hello GIJOE,

At the moment the page navigation is at the top only of the Protector Center.
When I want to go to a next page after scrolling down I have to scroll up again to access the page navigation.

Is it possible to have the page navigation in a next release at the bottom as well?

At the moment I've done this myself like this in admin/index.php:
// footer of log listing
echo "
    <td colspan='8' align='left'>"._AM_LABEL_REMOVE."&nbsp;<input type='button' value='"._AM_BUTTON_REMOVE."' onclick='if(confirm(\""._AM_JS_REMOVECONFIRM."\")){document.MainForm.action.value=\"delete\"; submit();}' /></td>
<div align='right'>
<div style='clear:both;'><br /><br /></div>
<div align='right'>
"._AM_LABEL_COMPACTLOG.":&nbsp;<input type='button' value='"._AM_BUTTON_COMPACTLOG."' onclick='if(confirm(\""._AM_JS_COMPACTLOGCONFIRM."\")){document.MainForm.action.value=\"compactlog\"; submit();}' />
"._AM_LABEL_REMOVEALL.":&nbsp;<input type='button' value='"._AM_BUTTON_REMOVEALL."' onclick='if(confirm(\""._AM_JS_REMOVEALLCONFIRM."\")){document.MainForm.action.value=\"deleteall\"; submit();}' />
" ;
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