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zorro87  ¾åÅùʼ From: France  Posts: 32
Hi !

(Sorry for my English)
Here is what I understood of ¡Ètime zone¡É of this great module.

There are 3 important settings:

- Your Xoops site ¡Ètime zone¡É.
- Your profile ¡Ètime zone¡É.
- Event ¡Ètime zone¡É

If they are identical: only local times appears in events.

If they are different,

You will see the event with 2 hours:
1) hours of the event ¡Ètime zone¡É
- hours of your profile ¡Ètime zone¡É if you are identified in your profile
- hours in the Xoops site ¡Ètime zone¡É if you are not identified (login).

When you add a new event the default ¡Ètime zone¡É will be your profile time zone.
But you can choose a different time zone for an event (first setting) (GMT¡Ä).

If server time zone is different from your time zone you will see the event in server ¡Ètime zone¡É and event ¡Ètime zone" when you logout from your profile¡Ä

Is it an answer to your question?


EDT: there is also this post about daylight saving time...
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