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zorro87  Lance Corporal From: France  Posts: 32
Hi !

(Sorry for my English)
Here is what I understood of °»time zone°… of this great module.

There are 3 important settings:

- Your Xoops site °»time zone°….
- Your profile °»time zone°….
- Event °»time zone°…

If they are identical: only local times appears in events.

If they are different,

You will see the event with 2 hours:
1) hours of the event °»time zone°…
- hours of your profile °»time zone°… if you are identified in your profile
- hours in the Xoops site °»time zone°… if you are not identified (login).

When you add a new event the default °»time zone°… will be your profile time zone.
But you can choose a different time zone for an event (first setting) (GMT°ń).

If server time zone is different from your time zone you will see the event in server °»time zone°… and event °»time zone" when you logout from your profile°ń

Is it an answer to your question?


EDT: there is also this post about daylight saving time...
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