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unhappy Bad day in Mini Calendar & MiniCalendarFX blocks

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zorro87  Lance Corporal From: France  Posts: 32

It seems there is a bug in °»Mini Calendar°… & °»Mini CalendarEx°… blocks.

Some events appear 1 day before the real day.
It happens only if there is a difference between Xoops time zone and your profile time zone.
And it happens even if there is only 1 hour of difference between them°ń

The best example is in this Xoops site:
It seems that the site is set to time zone GMT+9 (Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka°ń)
There is an event (orange dot) on May 11th (Event = Mother°«s day)

You can see the problem this way:

Change timezone from your profile to GMT+8
Go to May 2008 in MiniCalendarEx

The event is now on Saturday 10th of May!
And if you click to the orange dot there is no event (of course because the event is on Sunday!)

This problem happens in Mini Calendar too (it is the previous day of the event witch is underlined)

How can we fix that ?
Thank you for your help!


EDT: It happens only for "Allday Event"
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