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vaughan  上等兵   Posts: 37
Hi Gijoe,

i'm just enquiring as to how you have implemented htmlpurifier into protector module.

I'm asking this because from impresscms 1.1 we have also included htmlpurifier in the core itself.

we use a class icms.htmlpurifier.php in a similar way to module.textsanitizer which we can call with $purifier = & ICMS_HTMLPurifier::getPurifierInstance();

so far i have only created 3 functions in this. mainly displayHTMLarea($html, $config) & previewHTMLarea($html, $config) & also icms_html_purifier($html, $config)

these are similar to displayTarea and previewTarea.. i have modified displayTarea & previewTarea() to use displayHTMLarea etc when html = 1 in those forms. and it will be integrated further as we progress through the release cycles.

but with your protector module using htmlpurifier library, i don't want to cause issues with it.

at moment i have set a condition in protector module to use icms htmlpurifier core library instead of using the library in protector, seems pointless to use both when only 1 is needed.

but i need to know how you use htmlpurifier with protector.. where are you using the purifier and for what purpose in protector is it being used, then i can understand more of what is going on in the background & in what way.

if I haven't made my question clear, please let me know and i'll try and explain better.
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