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onasre  Lance Corporal   Posts: 38

some one has uploaded Shell file to my site , i do not know how .. i do not have uploading Opition to upload files to my site form users or vistetors , idont even allow uploading avater . but some how he uploded the shell file , i have the protector running but some how didt detect it .the issue is some folders has to have 777 permision .the shell was uploaded in one of this folders with 777 Chmd ididt have Htaccess file there to remove any php files , Thats was mistake . i tested the shell file to see how damge could do if i did not find it in time ..i think it would delete the whole site in Minuts . but i delted it befor that happend .. My quastion is why Protector did not detect it .. or is there way to keep away this shell files by Htaccess File..Thx
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