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Subject DB THEME 0.50
Summary ==== DB theme ===You can specify DB template as the theme.This module depends on altsys.MERITS- You can edit the theme/css via altsys (you can see diff)- CSS of the theme will be templatized automatically- You can specify different themes by blocks (...
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DB THEME 0.50 Persian translation12167268.332008/7/27 21:58
stranger DB THEME 0.50 Persian translation
2008/8/31 4:02
GIJOE Re: DB THEME 0.50 Persian translation
Unsolved topicRe: DB THEME 0.31234794239.572007/4/12 3:05
stranger Re: DB THEME 0.31
2008/2/28 3:34
MrTheme Re: DB THEME 0.50
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